LSCC's QEP: Strategies of Success for Students in Developmental Classes


As we begin the fall term, you will hear more and more about LSCC's "QEP" or "Quality Enhancement Plan". It is important that you know about the QEP because it will be a critical part of LSCC's accreditation process in the Fall 2010 semester. Here is some information that you should find helpful.

Over the past year, students, faculty, staff, and other members of our community were asked for their input in choosing a focus for our QEP. Based in part on your input, the QEP Planning Committee and College leadership have been designing a Quality Enhancement Plan with a focus on developing strategies of success for developmental students.

Read LSCC's Quality Enhancement Plan.

Meet our QEP project manager, Alex Perez, Program Manager of Developmental Studies.

The QEP Organizational Chart shows how faculty, staff, and student mentors support the QEP project.



The QEP Glog shows how LSCC's QEP will enhance student learning.


 Introducing "The Q Team"






 Welcome to the QEP Presentation



What does QEP stand for?
Quality Enhancement Plan
What is a QEP?
A QEP is a plan that describes a carefully designed and focused course of action to significantly improve student learning. This is required for LSCC's re-accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. For our QEP to be accepted by SACS, it has to:
  • Focus on a significant issue related to student learning
  • Demonstrate we are capable of initiating and continuing the plan
  • Include methods for the assessment of the plan
  • Show broad-based involvement from all areas of the college
What is LSCC's QEP?
The LSCC QEP focuses on student learning by targeting developmental coursework in mathematics, reading, and English. Student success skills modules will be introduced into the existing developmental education format through collaboration between the primary course instructor and a trained student success Faculty Coach.
Why Developmental Education?
Data from the LSCC student database indicates that 73.4% of our first-time-in-college learners are enrolled in MAT 0024: Elementary Algebra. Reaching 73.4% of our student population would not only enhance student success for our first generation population, but for all developmental education students. Targeting this group will not only help the at-risk student, but also have far-reaching potential to all learners. The National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) reports more than 100 successful course redesigns impacting not only the targeted students, but also becoming part of institutional best practices.
How are students affected?
Students in specific courses will be affected. The QEP will have a five-year roll-out, beginning with five pilot sections of MAT 0024, 2 sections at the Leesburg campus, 2 sections at South Lake, and 1 section at Sumter, in the spring of 2011. The program will extend to all MAT 0024 sections by spring and fall, 2012. The third year of the QEP will pilot REA 0002: College Prep Reading II, followed by ENC 0010: College Preparatory Composition in subsequent years.
What will the QEP look like in practice?
Each instructor will be teamed with a Student Success Coach who will visit classes for 1 hour each week. As a result of this initiative LSCC students will:
  • Articulate realistic, attainable goals for academic and personal success
  • Demonstrate note-taking skills as a valuable component of coursework
  • Identify and apply learned strategies for test taking to alleviate anxiety
  • Interpret and apply feedback from professors, using feedback as a learning tool
  • Understand intrinsic motivation and demonstrate strategies for persistence
I want to help! How do I get involved in LSCC's QEP?
Alex Perez is supporting the QEP as Program Manager of Developmental Studies. Contact Alex at, visit LA-17 at the Leesburg campus, or phone (352) 323-3634.