Vision, Mission, Goals and values of LSCC


Lake-Sumter Community College will be a leader in Florida in modeling and fostering excellence and the values of scholarship, respect, honesty and integrity, teamwork, high performance, and service, in order to better serve the needs of our diverse community and prepare students to be successful and productive citizens.


Lake-Sumter Community College is a public, multi-campus college offering associate degrees and certificates that prepare students for employment, career advancement, and four-year college or university transfer, and specialized training for business and industry that improves the workforce.  Through its commitment to student success, LSCC provides students with an accessible, supportive, learning-centered environment while challenging them to think critically, increase their information fluency, communicate effectively, become independent, build leadership skills, improve their ability to work as part of a team, develop social responsibility, and enhance their creativity.


  1. Provide academic education leading to an Associate in Arts degree that transfers to four-year colleges and universities and parallels the first two years of a baccalaureate degree program.
  2. Provide career/technical education leading to an Associate in Science degree, Associate in Applied Science degree, college credit certificate, Applied Technology Diploma, and Postsecondary Adult Vocational Certificate in vocational and technical fields for careers in business, industry, and service occupations.
  3. Provide continuing education and corporate training programs for those seeking to enhance personal skills and employment skills.
  4. Provide cultural, social, and intercollegiate activities to the students and to the community.
  5. Provide programs that support local and statewide economic development initiatives.
  6. Provide a caring environment of student support services that facilitates learning and promotes student success.


  1. RESPECT – We hold that all people deserve courtesy and an environment affirming that we are genuinely concerned for their welfare.
  2. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY – We pledge to be constantly truthful, trustworthy, thoughtful, and caring in all our dealings.  As LSCC employees, we take responsibility in managing the human, physical and financial resources entrusted to us.  Everyone we encounter can count on us.
  3. TEAMWORK – We all use cooperation, collaboration and teamwork in working toward shared goals for the greater benefit of our College and its communities.
  4. SERVICE – We strive to serve all of our clients professionally, while focusing on the needs of each individual.
  5. SCHOLARSHIP – We believe that the pursuit and attainment of knowledge is a basic right of everyone.
  6. HIGH PERFORMANCE – We applaud not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the ability to apply insight and reasoning to deduce superb solutions.