Learning Center

Welcome to LSSC! We here at the Learning Center are here to offer whatever help that we can. Below you will find information on the resources that we provide. Please come by during our hours listed on the individual campus pages. We are here to help you improve your academic Image-info.pngexperience and push you toward your goal of academic success! 

Learning Centers' Mission Statement

The Learning Centers' mission is to enhance and support all students' learning, whether in a classroom, online, or self-paced; to direct students to resources which will aid them in learning, and to develop and utilize the newest and most effective materials to help all students achieve academic success.

Information for Faculty

  • Personalized supplemental learning programs for any student from review to enrichment levels
  • Small workspaces for adjuncts
  • Guest tutoring options
  • Support for the full class visits, just call ahead beforehand to inform us:
    • The topic to be covered 
    • The date
    • If extended hours are needed  

Opportunities for Students

If you have what it takes to be a math, science, nursing or English tutor, or if you are bilingual and would like to work with students who are improving their language skills, please come by or contact us at learningcenter@lssc.edu. Part-time jobs may be available.