All students must satisfactorily complete the college placement test or required college prep courses prior to taking college-level mathematics courses.

The mathematics component is designed to develop, enhance, and apply quantitative and computational skills. The typical general education sequence includes one of the options below:

  • Liberal Arts Math I and II (MGF 1106 and MGF 1107, or
  • College Algebra and Precalculus Algebra (MAC 1105 and MAC 1140)

MAT 1033 does not satisfy Gordon Rule requirements. It may be counted as elective credit only.

Note: A minimum of six (6) semester hours must be taken which satisfies the Gordon Rule requirement.  For more details about which two Gordon Rule math courses you should take for your A.A. degree click here.

Specialized academic programs may require mathematics course work at more advanced levels.

Course selection meets the requirements specified in SACS 4.2.3 and the State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.030.