LSCC StudentsDual Enrollment

What Are The Requirements?

Step 1: All public and private high school students who are interested in dual enrollment must meet with their guidance counselors to determine eligibility. Home School Students should contact the LSCC Dual Enrollment Manager to begin the process. Students must be 15 years of age, have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher, and must obtain the following scores on one of the tests below:

SAT: 440 Verbal; 440 Math

ACT: 18 Reading; 17 English; 19 Math

PERT: 104 Reading; 99 English; 113 Math

Note: A score of 123 or higher on the Math portion of the PERT will place students into MAC1105 College Algebra, MGF1106 Liberal Arts Math, or MGF1107 Explorations in Math.

Step 2: If students have qualifying ACT/SAT scores, please move on to Step 3. All private and public school students should see their guidance counselor to obtain a test referral form. Home School students will receive all paperwork from the LSCC Dual Enrollment Manager once eligibility is determined. To sign up for PERT testing and for more information, please see the website at the following link PERT. Please remember to bring your test referral form with you on your test date.

Step 3: Once students have met the test score requirements, they can obtain a Dual Enrollment application from their high school guidance counselor. Home School parent/guardian is considered student's guidance counselor and will receive application in eligibility paperwork referenced in Step 2. Submit completed Dual Enrollment application to Admissions. Please allow 48 hours for Admissions to process your application.

Step 4: Sign up for New Student Orientation! Before students can register for classes they are required to complete both the online and the live new student orientation sessions. Please visit this link to see dates that Orientations are offered and to complete the online portion of the Orientation. The online portion of Orientation is required prior to attending the Live Orientation session: NSO.

Step 5: Register for courses. Print three copies of the detailed schedule. One copy is for the student, one is for the guidance counselor, and one is for the DE Manager.

Step 6: Obtain a fee waiver form from the guidance counselor and submit along with copy of schedule to DE Manager by 1st fee payment deadline. Home School students obtain fee waiver in paperwork referenced in Step 2.

Step 7: Pick up your books from DE Manager, obtain a parking decal in the Student Services Building, and go to class! Home School and Private school students, please see textbook information below.

How Much Does Dual Enrollment Cost?

All students are exempt from all registration, application, matriculation, and lab fees.

What About Textbooks?

Public high school students receive hard copy textbooks free of charge distributed through the Dual Enrollment Manager's office, electronic textbook codes are not covered. Students enrolled in home school programs or private schools are responsible for purchasing their own hard copy textbooks & electronic textbook codes.

Will I be a LSCC student after graduation?

After High School graduation, all students who wish to attend LSCC must fill out a standard LSCC Admissions Application. Until this is filled out, all graduating seniors will have holds put on their account. Students must change their status from Dual Enrollment to a degree-seeking student by filling out a new LSCC Admissions Application. All students are exempt from the application fee.