veterans Educational Benefits Policies

If you need help with the application process, please call the Admissions Office at
Appointments are strongly encouraged.

The Admissions Office has complete information on all applicable Veterans Affairs policies and academic progress, as well as appropriate applications and forms.


LSCC is approved for the education and training of veterans and other eligible persons under all public laws now in effect for the following chapters: Chapter 30, Montgomery GI Bill; Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation; Chapter 32, VEAP/Veterans Educational Assistance Program; Chapter 35, Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance; and, Chapter 1606, Reservist Benefits.

Steps to Applying for and Receiving VA Benefits

  1. Submit an application for admission to LSCC.
  2. Take the college placement test if applicable.
  3. Schedule an appointment to speak with the VA Advisor.
  4. Complete an application for Veteran Educational benefits.
  5. Provide LSCCs VA advisor with a certified copy of the DD214 or a Certificate of Eligibility from VA. For survivors or dependents, a copy of a marriage license and birth certificate(s) of children may also be required.
  6. Request official transcripts from prior schools.
  7. Follow other procedures as listed below.
  8. Meet with an Academic Advisor.

Your enrollment must be certified each Semester. You MUST furnish a copy of your completed yellow registration form signed by an Advisor and a copy of your official class schedule to the VA Certifying Official in the Admissions Office each semester for certification to occur.

You must follow the requirements of the degree program you are pursuing. Failure to do so will result in not being certified. VA will not pay for courses outside of your program; therefore, choose your courses carefully.

Your academic advisor can help you stay on track, so an academic advisors approval for courses are mandatory for all veteran students who want to receive benefits through VA.

You will receive benefits depending on your enrollment status as a full-time, part-time, or less than part-time degree-seeking students.

If you change your enrollment status during a semester (drop or withdraw from a course or courses), you must inform the LSCC VA certifying official in the admissions office immediately. Failure to do so will create an overpayment, which will require immediate repayment to VA.

VA considers a grade of D to be passing and will not pay you to repeat any D courses (except math or English).

Certification of enrollment hours usually takes place soon after the yellow VA Registration form is turned in to the Certifying Official in the admissions office. Students receiving benefits under Chapter 30 are required to verify their enrollment hours via telephone verification or web verification.

Veterans Educational benefits will usually come to the students 45 to 90 days after certification of enrollment hours.

You are entitled to ONE fee deferment per academic year if you cannot afford to pay your tuition/fees. Contact the VA Certifying official in the financial aid office for a 60-day deferment. All tuition and fees must be paid by the 60-day deferment deadline whether or not you have received your G.I Bill check(s). Be sure to save enough of your monthly GI Bill checks to cover subsequent terms.

Approved Programs and Courses

VA will pay benefits only if a veteran or other eligible person is seeking a degree (A.A., A.S., or A.A.S.) and only for those courses which fulfill the requirements of the degree. Certificate programs are not approved for VA certification. A course taken for audit (X) cannot be approved for benefits.

A student receiving veterans benefits:

  • May enroll for independent study courses (i.e., television and cooperative education), provided that more than one-half the credit hours required for certification are earned through regular classroom courses, and
  • May change degree programs only within VA regulations and with the approval of the VA advisor in the admissions office.


A student who is declared ineligible for veterans benefits because of unsatisfactory progress and who wishes to be reinstated must schedule a consultation with an academic advisor.

Conduct Standards

Conduct standards for veterans and other eligible persons are the same as those for all students, as stated in the college catalog. If a student receiving veterans benefits is dismissed from the college for disciplinary reasons, a report will be made to the VA and benefits will be terminated. A student thus dismissed may appeal to the college for readmission in a subsequent term.

Academic Records

A cumulative permanent record is kept on each student. This record shows for each term all college credits attempted and earned; all grades earned, including incompletes (I), audits (X), and withdrawals (W); and term and cumulative grade point averages (GPA). At the end of each term, each student receives a grade report, which indicates course work for the term, grades earned, term GPA, and cumulative GPA.

If an Incomplete grade ("I") is not removed by the date established in the college calendar, it will be recorded as an Incomplete Failure (IF). A grade of IF has the same effect as an F on the students grade-point-average. For specific dates, please refer to the college calendar for the specific semester.

Academic Progress

All students receiving veterans benefits must achieve satisfactory progress toward educational goals by meeting the established standards. Please refer to the standards in the Academic Information section. It is the students responsibility to be familiar with the standards of academic progress.

The VA will be notified to terminate benefits due to unsatisfactory progress for any student receiving veteran benefits who remains on academic probation beyond two consecutive semesters. The student may be re-certified for veteran benefits upon attaining satisfactory progress (2.0 cumulative) and being removed from probation.

Changes of Status

VA benefits will be reduced if a student withdraws from a class, changes enrollment status from full-time to three-quarter-time or half-time, or from three-quarter-time to half-time.


Punctual and regular attendance is encouraged in all courses, and it is the students responsibility to become aware of each instructors policy concerning absences. Each instructor is requested to notify the Admissions Office on campus if a veteran or other eligible person has been excessively absent. Any student thus reported who cannot give a satisfactory explanation and does not resume class attendance will be reported to the VA as having terminated as of the last day of attendance.

Fee Deferment

Florida law provides for fee deferment for veterans and other eligible persons. This deferment is limited to one term per academic year with an additional deferment only when there is a delay in receipt of benefits.

Tutorial Assistance

Veterans and other eligible persons receiving an educational assistance allowance are eligible for reimbursement for tutorial assistance, if requested and needed. The course instructor must certify that the student needs private tutoring.