The goal of the LSSC Grants Department is to assist College faculty and staff in obtaining grant funding to support projects that align with the mission, vision, goals and values of the College. 
Sandy Hutchins, Senior Grants Manager, can assist you with the following: 
  • Facilitate dialogue with key persons in support of grant development process
  • Research & develop grant opportunities from local, state, and federal funding sources
  • Match grant funding with the needs of the College and the requests of faculty & staff
  • Spearhead partnership opportunities with community members, businesses, and other colleges to facilitate collaborative grant submissions
  • Work as a team member with faculty and staff to write, compile, edit, and submit grant applications, including budget and narrative sections
  • When a grant is awarded, the grants office will assist with determining post-award roles and responsibilities as needed
  • Provide technical assistance with grant reports and regulations
  • Obtain feedback from funding agencies about the quality of grant applications (when available)
  • Records retention of grant submissions and grants awarded to LSSC
Before writing a grant, the following questions must be answered
  • Does the project align with the College's strategic plan?
  • Does the proposal address a need that can be clearly articulated and is based on robust evidence?
  • How many students will benefit from this funding?
  • Is the proposed budget reasonable? What is the cost (in-kind or other) to the College?
  • Who are possible partners? How will they support this project?
  • How is the program sustainable beyond the proposed funding?
The Planning & Effectiveness Office serves as the centralized location for grant services. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact Sandy Hutchins, Senior Manager of Grants, for more details on ways to develop grant proposals and project ideas. Additionally, potential grant recipients are urged to use the LSSC Grants Project Development Worksheet.pdfWorksheet.pdf which serves as a tool to help develop successful grant submissions.

Sandy Hutchins, Senior Manager of Grants
(352) 435-6330 (or internally, extension 6330)