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The Environmental Science Program at Lake Sumter Community College provides a comprehensive education in environmental sustainability as it prepares and encourages students to be proactive in local, regional, and global environmental issues. The curriculum advances knowledge through scientific discovery, integration, application, field research and on-the-job experiences. Our goal is to foster a comprehensive understanding of our natural resources and to equip students to contribute to present and future environmental problem-solving. 

Environmental Science Vision Statement:

The Environmental Science Program at Lake Sumter Community College will prepare students to be leaders in meeting environmental challenges, from a commercial, community, and global perspective. Students who achieve this degree will possess the tools and the understanding needed to bring about sustainable solutions to today’s threats to environmental resources.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. To understand the ecological connections between humans and their environment and the ramifications of environmental degradation.
  2. To identify major threats to our natural resources and how society proposes to address these threats.
  3. To understand the natural, political, and economic factors that cause environmental degradation.
  4. To become familiar with the species and ecosystems indigenous to Florida, and be aware of the key environmental challenges faced by the southeastern United States.
  5. To be able to collect samples of natural resources (e.g. soil, water, plants), and should be familiar with the technology and techniques for analyzing these samples.