Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program allows for the enrollment of an eligible secondary student or home education student in a post secondary course creditable toward a high school completion and an associate or baccalaureate degree. The program provides eligible secondary school students the opportunity to take Lake Sumter Community College courses while concurrently enrolled in high school. Students are permitted to enroll in these programs during school hours, after school hours, and during the summer term. Any student so enrolled shall be exempt from the payment of registration, matriculation, and laboratory fees.

Public and private high school counselors, or parents of home education students are responsible for identifying students who exhibit the necessary level of social maturity and motivation, and the academic ability to engage in college level instruction. To be eligible, students must meet academic requirements and be enrolled in a Florida public school, private school or home education program in compliance with application State statutes.

For further information and eligibility criteria, click here to visit Dual Enrollment website.