LSCC Experience

Families of students returning to the classroom after a number of years may experience some further changes.

Often, college is one more role that the student is taking on, in addition to their employment, day-to-day home responsibilities, care-giving for children and other family members, community commitments, etc.

Some students who have been out of a classroom for many years feel as if they are the only ones in that situation, and may experience fear of failure, anxiety about keeping up with younger students and having adequate technology skills, and being able to juggle the many roles they live.

In reality, these concerns are quite common among the large number of our students who have taken a less “traditional” path to college, regardless of age.

The good news is that these concerns are mostly unwarranted and are alleviated once the student gets connected with the various student support resources available.

We hope that the resources offered here will enhance your ability to help your student succeed at LSCC!

For parents of students who are recent high school graduates or are dually enrolled in high school and college, it is important to be aware of significant differences between high school and college, especially in the roles of parents and students.

Regardless of age, students enrolled college are treated as adults and are expected to accept personal responsibility for their education as well as for seeking out information and appropriate assistance, keeping informed about and meeting deadlines, completing registration and business transactions, etc.

Unlike in high school, where parents often communicate directly with teachers and guidance counselors, communication in college is conducted directly between the student and the instructor or staff member.

In fact, federal laws prohibit college personnel from discussing a student with anyone other than the student in most cases. An example of one of the most important things for parents to do to help their students in this transition to greater independence and self-responsibility is to refrain from filling out any applications, forms, etc. for the student.

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