Your Health and Safety

LSCC is committed to the task of providing a safe, comfortable learning environment for all students and dedicates considerable resources to the accomplishment of this goal. Students are expected to cooperate in this effort by employing the following common sense guidelines for the protection of their persons and property:

  • Lock your car. Do not leave valuables in plain sight on the rear shelf and/or seats (use the trunk).
  • Keep as few valuables around as possible.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash.
  • Do not leave your purse/wallet unattended.
  • Protect your keys.
  • Keep a list of your valuables, especially credit cards, in a safe, readily available place.
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • Don’t walk alone.
  • Be alert.
  • Be cautious.
  • Be responsible. Report all suspicious activity to
  • Campus Security, the Office of the Vice President of Business Affairs, or the appropriate Administrator.
  • Be careful. Report all safety hazards or potential safety hazards to the Office of the Vice President of Business Affairs.
  • Be familiar with campus plans for evacuation and other emergency procedures.

Violent or Criminal Behavior

Everyone is asked to assist in making the campus a safe place to work and study by being alert to suspicious behavior and/or situations and promptly reporting them to college officials. In the event you are a victim of or a witness to criminal activity, or observe suspicious activities and/or person on campus, AVOID RISKS and:


  • Nature and location of the incident.
  • Description of person(s) involved.
  • Description of property involved.


  • Leesburg Campus: notify Security at 365-3544
  • South Lake Campus: notify Security at 516-5074
  • Sumter Campus: notify Security at 303-7296

Recent Crime Rate Statistics can be found in the Campus Policies & Procedures section of the Catalog and Student Handbook.

Sexual Assault

It is the policy of the District Board of Trustees of LSCC that the criminal act, or attempted act of sexual misconduct, shall not be condoned and shall be vigorously prosecuted. The following acts are prohibited by LSCC:

  1. Sexual Assault (Stranger Rape, Date/Acquaintance Rape, Gang/Group Rape).
  2. Sexual Misconduct (Sexual Harassment, Public Indecency, Sexual Intimidation) see Board Rule 2.07. A complete copy of Board Rule 2.07, outlining the definition of sexual assault and procedures to be followed, is available in the LSCC library.

Drug Free Workplace and Educational Environment: 

Lake-Sumter Community College is committed to providing a drug free workplace and educational environment in accordance with the provisions of the federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act amendment of 1989, as stated in Board Rule 2.04 and Procedure 5.4. For further information, see the LSCC Board Rules Manual and the LSCC Administrative Procedures Manual.

Children on Campus

Students are expected to make off-campus childcare arrangements. The College assumes no responsibility for the supervision of children unless they are enrolled and participating in a college-sponsored activity or program.

Children are not permitted in instructional areas or at the worksite. Under no circumstances are children to be left unattended or in unauthorized areas of the campus. Specialized campus facilities such as the Student Center, the Library, the Learning Center, the open computer lab, studios, laboratories, and the gymnasium are not to be used as sites for childcare.  Individuals failing to comply with this policy may be asked to leave campus until off-campus childcare arrangements can be made.

Parking Regulations

All students, faculty and staff on any LSCC Campus must display a current parking permit (decal). Parking decals and a parking regulations and rules brochure are issued to all students at all campus locations during registration. Persons who violate college parking regulations are subject to ticketing and a fine. Unpaid fines will result in a “hold” being placed on future registrations or transcripts. Unauthorized use of a handicapped parking space is subject to a state fine. For parking information at the South Lake and Sumter campuses, students should inquire at the front office. 

Safety & Fire Regulations

LSCC makes every effort to ensure the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff on campus. Two major inspections are completed annually to assist the college in this effort. One inspection is a comprehensive safety inspection by the Florida Department of Education that helps identify safety hazards and also benefits the college by reducing issues that might result in liability claims. The second inspection is aimed at eliminating fire hazards and is conducted by the local Fire Marshall. In addition to these scheduled inspections, all students, employees, and visitors are encouraged to report safety and fire hazards to the Vice President of Business Affairs or to a member of the Safety Committee.

Emergency evacuation signs are posted in all buildings in compliance with State requirements. In case of emergency, follow signs to evacuate buildings in the most expedient route possible.

Please report all accidents/incidents to the Security Office and/or the Vice President of Business Affairs in Leesburg or to the appropriate Campus Administrator at South Lake or Sumter.

Campus Security

In case of an emergency dial 911 or to report a security concern, please call the following:

  • Leesburg Campus: notify Security at 365-3544.
  • South Lake Campus: notify Security at 516-5074.
  • Sumter Campus: notify Security at 303-7296.

Campus Security services are contracted through a commercial security agency. The following services are provided:

  • Uniformed guard(s) to enforce parking regulations and provide limited security support during normal daylight hours, Monday through Saturday. Hours are varied to achieve maximum exposure.
  • One or two uniformed guards during hours of darkness when classes are in session to provide coverage of parking lots and to ensure building security.
  • One uniformed guard part-time on weekends and holidays to provide limited buildings and grounds security.
  • One or two uniformed guards during special events to provide crowd and traffic control and general campus security.