Lake Sumter State College
Lake Sumter State College

Site Owners Testing Site

This is the site where we will come to in order to demonstrate various tasks that you the site owner should be able to do like:

  1. Sign in from anywhere
  2. Change your text
  3. Create tables
  4. Bring in Documents
  5. Bring in photos
  6. Organize your site
  7. New Change

What you are NOT responsible for 

You are not expected to be designers but something you can do without help. It is these areas we will target. If you need new pages and or design work done please feel free to still come to us for assistance. We am happy to help guide you in having a successful site.

Some of you now looking back need to re-evaluate your pages and slim down the pages that are nothing but blankets of text. 

We will go over these things and more:

  • We will go over issues you have found in work with your site
  • look for solutions to those problems
  • Share tips we have found while working in SharePoint

We want you to really understand SharePoint and how it works so that you like working in it!



About a week after this class....

Please follow up with us on how we can do better