Financial Aid Deferments and Bookstore Authorizations

This applies to financial aid students who are in a valid degree or approved certificate program at Lake-Sumter Community College only.

In trying to give more efficient service to our students, the Financial Aid Office has implemented the following procedures for tuition deferment and book store authorizations. All students expecting financial aid are encouraged to use the LSCC Online Interactive Services (LOIS) regularly, to view their awards or any changes to them.

Tuition Deferments

Tuition deferment prevents cancellation of registration for non-payment of fees and temporarily prevents assessment of the late fees. Since financial aid will not be disbursed to your student account until after the add/drop period is over, tuition deferments will automatically be posted for students eligible to receive financial aid who have already been awarded by the Financial Aid Office.

In the event you are not going to attend your classes, you must officially drop your classes during the add/drop period in order to be relieved of any fee liability and to ensure that tuition is not paid later by disbursed financial aid.

Bookstore Authorization

If you have an authorized financial aid disbursement that exceeds your student account charges, then you may be eligible to use your financial aid (including Foundation scholarships) to purchase books and required supplies before classes begin.
Once you log into LOIS, use the steps below to check for your bookstore authorization.

  • From the main menu, click on Financial Aid
  • Click on Eligibility
  • Click on Student Requirements

The next page will display the word "COMPLETE REQUIREMENT" with the following statement and a status code of Book voucher authorized.

Fall 2011 bookstore authorization valid from August 15, 2011 through September 9, 2011.

If the code does not exist on your account, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (352) 365-3567. If you are later found ineligible for financial aid after purchases are made, it will be your responsibility to pay any charges that are on your account.