Lake Sumter State College
Lake Sumter State College


With a donation of $6,000 or more, donors may create a permanently restricted scholarship from which only the annual investment income is used for the purpose designated by the donor. Many times, donors make additional gifts to the endowment to increase the principal. Endowments offer a unique opportunities because it allow the donor the satisfaction of knowing that their gift will continue working for years to come. 

For more information on how you can set up an endowment please contact Claudia Morris at   (352)365-3518.

The following are our current endowments. 

​2004 Home Builders Endowment ​Academic Improvement Endowment
​Advancing in Education Endowment ​Albert Leroy Brown Endowment
Altrusa International of Lake County Endowment​ ​Anne Marie Molnar Martin Endowment
ATEX/Bartch Trust Endowment​ ​Atley Family Endowment
Bertha Hereford Hall Endowment​ ​C.V. Griffin Learning Center Opportunity Endowment
Carl Rossbaum Peer Endowment ​ ​Cecil Clark Memorial Endowment
​Christopher Staff Memorial Endowment ​Dr. Scott Cole I/Performing Arts
​Dr. Scott Cole II/Televised Arts ​Dr. Ellen Onishcuk Endowment
​Dr. Robert Westrick Endowment ​Duke Energy Endowment
​Ernie Morris Enterprises Endowment ​Faculty Chair Endowment
​Filomena Dillard Endowment ​Florida Public Relations Endowment
​George O. Pringle Endowment ​Ginny Jones Memorial Endowment
​H. Guy & Anne W. Thompson Endowment ​Hans & Cay Jacobsen Endowment
Hawthorne Memorial Endowment ​Hewitt, McLin, Talley, and Young Endowment
Heather Strickler ​​J.D. & Marie Burnsed Endowment
​Joe T. Endowment ​John Wade & Dorthy L. Stafford Memorial Nursing Endowment
​Kiwanis Club Wildwood Endowment ​Karen S. Beard United in Praise Memorial Endowment
​Lake County Medical Center Auxiliary Endowment ​Lake County Retired Educational Association Endowment
​LaRee Wilke Endowment ​Laura Clark HIM Memorial Endowment
​Laura Clark Memorial Endowment ​Mae Mueller Memorial Endowment
​Martin E. & Margaret B. Sricklen Memorial Nursing Endowment ​Mary K. Geiger Leware Memorial Nursing Endowment
​Mary K. Dixon Memorial Endowment ​Maxwell Brown Business Ethics Endowment
​Sarah Richardson Nursing Endowment ​Nursing Chair Endowment
​Nursing CV Griffin Memorial Endowment ​Nursing Gouveia Memorial Endowment
​Orval Hagerty Endowment ​John W. & Almarene Outlaw Endowment
​Patrowicz Cultural Endowment ​Paul Tumlin Memorial Endowment
​Rick Rojas RJ Builders Endowment ​Robert L. Patrick Nursing Endowment
​Ro-Mac Lumber Trust Endowment ​Rotary Club of Leesburg/Noon
​Sheriff Chris Daniels Memorial Endowment ​South Lake Elks Lodge Endowment
​Sparkman Fiduciary Endowment ​Students Helping Students Endowment
​Sunshine Circle King's & Daughter's Endowment ​Tony Bjorn Memorial Endowment
​Umatilla Women's Club Endowment ​Wayne Koester Memorial Endowment
​William W. & Elsie J. Turner Memorial Endowment