Success Stories

So many lives are touched by your generosity and gifts. Many first time college students in a family have gone on to do great things with their lives thanks to you and we wanted to share some of their success stories.

Nick Raymond

There are many students at LSCC who have experienced tremendous hardships in order to graduate from college and I feel extremely blessed that someone felt that I was worthy in their eyes to receive a scholarship, it has opened the door to improve the quality of life for myself.

Chelsea Cushing

The Foundations Office at Lake Sumter Community College has given me more than just the gift of education, but the staff itself has provided me with the foundation of community. I pledge to continue my education, and one day become a provider, as they are, for my community. My education is much more than a scholarship, my education is the starting point of my life story.

Jeremy Becker

The scholarships that I received as a student at LSCC were a true blessing. They allowed me to focus on my schoolwork and not have to worry about maintaining a full time job. I am extremely grateful to have been given those gifts and I feel that they played a major role in my ability to become a student at the University of Florida.

Ashley Brown

I feel truly blessed to have received a LSCC Foundation Scholarship during my time at Lake-Sumter Community College. I know that attaining a secondary education is a privilege that must be earned, and not a guarantee, and with the monetary help of receiving scholarships from the Foundation, I was able to excel at Lake-Sumter Community College and move forward with my future.

Rebecca Nielsen

Being given a scholarship from the LSCC Foundation has enabled me to do what I love most, learn. With the help of donors in my community, I have had the opportunity to further my education. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams, without your help it would not be possible.

Tyler Neece

I applied for over 50 scholarship my senior year of high school, when worry set in that I might not be able to fulfill my dream of a college education, a donor from the LSCC Foundation stepped in. The moment I got the award letter, I was overwhelmed. From that moment on I knew I had a helping hand and that someone believed in me.

Ashley Newman

I cannot express the joy I felt when I opened the scholarship award letter. I did not know if I should jump for joy or cry! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to achieve my educational dreams.





Sara Glenn

The scholarship I received from the LSCC Foundation has helped me take on more step toward reaching my goal of becoming a teacher. Without them, it would be difficult to achieve my dream. I am so thankful that someone cares enough to lessen this financial burden and help me reach my goal.