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Health Information Management & Technology

What is Health Information Management (HIM)?

Quality information is essential to all aspects of today's healthcare system. HIM is the body of knowledge and practice that ensures the availability of health information to facilitate real-time healthcare delivery and critical health-related decision making for multiple purposes across diverse organizations, settings, and disciplines. 
The field is called HIM but within the field, two broad categories of credentialed professionals exist: Registered Health Information Administrators (RHIA) who hold, at a minimum, a baccalaureate degree in Health Information Management/Administration; and, Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT) who have, at a minimum, an associate degree in Health Information Management or Technology.

 Who are HIM (HIA/HIT) Professionals?

HIM professionals work in a variety of different settings and job titles. They often serve in bridge roles, connecting clinical, operational, and administrative functions. In short, AHIMA members affect the quality of patient information and patient care at every point in the healthcare delivery cycle. Please visit the following websites for more information on HIM careers: and ALSO, LSSC's Career Development Services staff will help you from your first semester through graduation and job placement by helping you prepare your resume and keep it updated as you progress through the program, help prepare for an interview, show you how to look for job postings on their site and many other wonderful services so visit them early and visit them often by clicking on the link: LSSC Career Development Services.   

LSSC Associate of Science (AS) degree in Health Information Technology (HIT)  

The AS in HIT is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM) Education. (Please visit CAHIIM at The significance of this accreditation is that graduates of this degree are eligible to take the national exam to become an RHIT. Please see Brandy Ziesemer’s Faculty Web Page for more details or the LSSC current year catalog under the HIT degree. Please also note that two technical certificates programs at LSSC articulate fully with the AS degree: Medical Information Coder/Biller (34 credits) and Healthcare Informatics Specialist (18 credits). 

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AS in HIT: Program Objectives

Please view the National Requirements for CAHIIM-accredited HIT programs (click here for pdf)
LSSC is proud to report the following recent program achievements*:
  • 100% of the graduates in 2008-09 (4 graduates); 2009-10 (3 graduates) and 2010-11(3 graduates) either transferred to a university to further their education or found related employment.
  • 100% of the graduates who took the national examination for RHIT in 2008-09 (3); 2009-10 (1) and 2010-11 (3) passed the exam and exceeded the national averages in every outcome assessed.
*Effective Fall 2012, the AAS and AS in HIM (67 credits) were replaced by an AS degree in HIT (70 credits). Current HIM students as of summer 2012 will have until the end of summer 2014 to complete either of the HIM degrees if they choose not to transfer to the new HIT AS degree