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MicrosoftLive@edu Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I forward Laker Mail to my personal e-mail address?
      Yes, but do so at your own discretion! Other services may consider Laker Mail as spam and send it directly to your junk folder. You will still be responsible for important college e-mail. Using Laker Mail is the best way to assure that e-mail from LSCC will be delivered to your inbox.  
    Can I still use this account if I am no longer a student at LSCC?
      Yes, your account will remain active as long as you need it.  
    Can I upgrade my account to a premium account?
    Can this account be used for personal e-mail also?
    Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?
      No. All the Web-based services included in your Laker Mail can be accessed from Windows, Mac, or Linux using Internet Explorer or Firefox, Safari and other browsers.  
    How do I find out what my e-mail address is?
    All students will receive an e-mail to their personal e-mail address that was provided to the college.
    Students can log into L.O.I.S.
    1. Log into L.O.I.S. with your Student ID and PIN
    2. Your address will appear in the My Details section next to Go To my Laker Mail.  
    How do I set up my account?
      In order to set up your account, you will need to know your Laker Mail address (see above)


  1. Log into L.O.I.S. with your Student ID and PIN
  2. Click on the Personal information link and go to "View My E-mail addresses". Click the "Activate MY Laker Mail" link section near the bottom of the screen.
  3. At the Windows Live Provide Account Information page, your Windows Live ID which is your Student E-mail address will be filled in for you.
  4. Enter your eight digit date of birth (MMDDYYYY) as your initial password (i.e. if your birthday is 11-27-1989, enter 11271989).
  5. Below that, you will be asked to change your password.
  6. Next, select a question and provide the secret answer.
  7. The next four fields (Country, State, Zip code and Birth year) will be filled in for you.
  8. Click I accept.
  9. Click on Sign in to Windows Live and log into your account with your Laker Mail address and new password to complete the activation. OR From your browser, type in MAIL.LIVE.COM 
    How do I forward my Laker Mail to another e-mail account?
      From the inbox page of the Laker Mail account, choose Options on the top right corner of the page, then choose 'More options' at the bottom of the menu and it will take you to a page that will have a link to forward the e-mail to another account. Note: Forwarded messages are deleted from Windows Live!  

    How do I access my e-mail?

      Once you activate your Laker Mail account, you may login by accessing the web site 
    Is there a charge for this?
      No, Laker Mail addresses are completely free!  
    Will other students have access to my e-mail address?
      LSCC makes every effort to protect the privacy of its students. There is no global address book or directory where a student can look up another student’s e-mail address. 
    Will this account be mandatory for e-mailing homework?
      This will depend on your instructor. Contact your instructor for more information. Students using Blackboard will still need to use Blackboard as their communication system. 
    What do I do if my e-mail address changes?
      Please continue to access your e-mail through L.O.I.S. If you access your e-mail through a browser, begin using the new e-mail address when you sign in. Please stop using your previous institutional e-mail address and move all important information to your current e-mail address. The previous account may become inactive or be purged.
    What is my password?
      Your initial password to activate your account is your six digit date of birth (MMDDYY). If you did not provide the college with a date of birth, your default password will be 010101. After that, you will be prompted to change your password. 
    What is the size limit?
      10 GB of storage in your inbox and a 25 MB attachment limit. You will receive a warning when your mailbox reaches 9 GB. Mailbox quota prohibits receiving new messages of 10 GB or higher.  
    What will the college use my Laker Mail address for?
      The college uses e-mail as an official means of communication with students. The college will send important information, notices and student updates to your e-mail account. Also, your professor may use it for course communication.  
    Who is eligible for a Laker Mail address?
      All new students who apply for credit courses at LSCC, as well as currently or previously enrolled students will be assigned an e-mail address.  

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Student Helpdesk at IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS E-MAIL WILL NOT REPLACE THE COLLEGE’S COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM “BLACKBOARD”