Additional Features

Lake-Sumter Community College provides student e-mail hosted on the Microsoft Windows Live@edu system and is advertising free. Along with the advertising free e-mail services, Microsoft Windows Live@edu provides students with the following additional services. The features that Microsoft provides change over time. Please check the Microsoft site for more information. These additional services may contain advertising.

Service Description Sample
Mail Microsoft Exchange Labs. Official student e-mail. and
Calendar Organize your appointments and set reminders  
Shared Events Manage and plan different types of events and share them with others using Windows Live Calendar , Spaces and Alerts . Shared events is part of Windows Live Spaces
Contacts Keep contacts & synchronize the contact's information with their Live Profile. Contacts is part of Mail, Messenger and Spaces

Online file storage and sharing. Store files for yourself, share files with friends, or share files with the world. RSS feeds allow users to be notified of updates to content that friends have placed in their public folders. The RSS feed contains a preview image of the added files - either a thumbnail of an image or the file type icon

skydrive picture
Folder Share access your files from any computer, keep files in sync across your computers, share folders with friends  
Spaces Social networking site that includes blogging & photo sharing
Spaces picture
Installer Various Windows Live programs you can download & run on your computer  

Instant Messaging, Voice over IP, personal file sharing.

With Windows Live Messenger, you can connect with your Yahoo! Messenger contacts. It's as easy as adding their Yahoo! e-mail addresses.

messenger picture Windows Live Personalized Experience. Customizable home page featuring an RSS aggregator, gadgets and search tools picture
Photo Gallery Similar to Windows Photo Gallery and with enhancements to make posting photos to Windows Live Spaces easier
photo gallery picture
Toolbar A toolbar for Windows Internet Explorer that allows quick access to your Windows Live Spaces, Hotmail, Favorites and Live Search from a button on the toolbar
Toolbar picture
Translator Translate texts or web pages between different languages  
Office Live Workspace An online extension of Microsoft Office. Save Microsoft Office documents in one place. Share files—you control who can view and edit. Works with Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook Office Live Workspace picture
Windows Live Mobile Windows Live for mobile. Use your mobile device to access your Windows Live and MSN worlds when you’re on the move  
Alerts Get notification of events & information from content providers. You can configure how & when to receive alerts. Alerts to wireless devices is available in the United States. Integrates with Messenger via an "Alerts" tab.
Alerts picture
Windows Live Betas

From Microsoft: "Windows Live betas are services that we’re still tinkering with before we officially release them to the world (that's what the "beta" part means). Give them a try and tell us what you love, what you hate, and what we should do differently."

Student support
Microsoft offers representatives available to respond to student support queries via the Web. Get support >