Searching the Catalog

The catalog opens in the Subject Keyword search mode. In this mode, the catalog searches your term against the subject headings assigned to books. Enter a term describing the information you need in the Find box, and click on the Go button.

Enter search terms in the find box and then click on the Go button

You will get a list of brief records of results matching your search. Click on the title of a book to see its full record.

The catalog gives you a list of brief records.  Click on a title to view the full record.

Click on the campus location to check the book's availability. If you see Available under the Due heading, this book can be checked out. Write down the Call Number to locate the book on the shelf.

This screen tells you if the item is available.  Use the Call number to locate the item on the shelf.

If you do not get the needed results with a Subject search, click on Keyword in the Search by box. This will broaden your search to the full record for each book, generally giving you more results than a Subject search.

Searching by keyword will generally give you more results.

Items located at other LSCC campus libraries can be sent to the library you use most often. If you see Available under the Due heading as in the image above, this book can be requested. Click on the Request link at the far right, and then log in using your X-ID and PIN (your six-digit birth date). On the Hold Request screen, make sure the Pickup/delivery location drop-down box is set to the campus library where you want the book sent. Click on the Go button. You will receive a successful request confirmation message at the top of the screen. Allow one week for the book to arrive at the pickup location. You will be notified when the book is available.

When you find only a few books at the LSCC libraries, you can search the holdings of all 28 community college libraries. On the main catalog screen, click on the At drop-down box, and select All Community Colleges from the list. Follow the directions above to request items from other community college libraries. Books coming from other community college libraries may take two to four weeks to arrive, so please plan ahead!

Searching by keyword will generally give you more results.


E-books are electronic books, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via the Internet. Items in your results list with the following icon are electronic books.

E-book icon.

Instead of listing a specific campus for the location, E-books are indicated as LINCC/eBooks or LSCC/eBooks. You can click on the location to access the E-book. Log in using your X-D and PIN. A browser window will open and you can start working with the E-book. E-books are like print books since only one person can use a particular E-book at a time. If the E-book is not available, try again later.