How to Activate Your LakerMail Account

  • Log into LOIS with your Student ID and PIN
  • Click on the "Personal information" tab and go to "View E-mail addresses"
  • Copy your Student E-mail address (
  • Click the "Click here" link
  • At the Windows Live page, paste your Student E-mail address into the Windows Live ID box (if another account is listed click on "Sign in with a different account")
  • Enter your 8-digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY) as your initial password (i.e. if your birthday is November 27, 1989, enter 11271989)
  • Click "Sign In" (if you get an error page, try the above steps again - if it persists, contact the student helpdesk)
  • Once signed in, type in your 8-digit birthdate again and then Create a new password
  • Fill out the rest of the required fields (secret question/answer, county, state, zip, and birth year) and click "I accept" (if you are prompted to fill in a new Live ID, contact the Helpdesk)
  • If prompted, select the correct time zone and language on the Outlook screen
  • You are now signed into LakerMail!
  • To login in the future see the LakerMail page or type "" into your browser

If you have any problems contact the Student Helpdesk at 352-435-6500 (hours) or at