Leesburg Campus Library

View of Leesburg Library from Little Lake Sumter

The LSCC Leesburg library is located at the heart of the campus in one of the four original campus buildings that were constructed in 1965. Renovations in the 1970s and the 1990s enlarged and improved the facility. See the libraries' history page for more information.

The library provides the campus open computer lab and many college-wide library services, including administration, acquisitions, cataloging and materials processing, interlibrary loan, media services, and website.

The library serves as a selective depository for U.S. government documents. In addition to serving LSCC students, faculty and staff, the Leesburg campus library is open to the public.

Main Number: (352) 365-3563

Leesburg Library Staff

James Cason, Staff Librarian (Reference, Library Instruction, Collection Development)
E-mail: casonj@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 435-5030

Denise English, Director of Library Services (Library Administration, Library Instruction, Library Web Site)
E-mail: englishd@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 365-3541

Tommy Fagan, Senior Media Specialist (Mobile Equipment Support, Graphics Production, Classroom Equipment Training)
E-mail: fagant@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 365-3565

David Goff, Assistant Librarian (Cataloging, Interlibrary Loan)
E-mail: goffd@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 365-3527

Raechel Gump, Library Technician II (Technical Services, Serials Support)
E-mail: gumpr@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 787-3747 extension: 4213

Jeremy Norton, Assistant Librarian (Circulation, Reference, Library Instruction, Website)
E-mail: nortonj@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 365-3563

Chris Purallo, Library Technician II (Accounts, Interlibrary Loan Support)
E-mail: puralloc@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 365-3549

Nora Rackley, Associate Librarian (Reference, Library Instruction, Serials, Government Documents)
E-mail: rackleyn@lscc.edu
Telephone: (352) 365-3586