Media Services Policies

Audiovisual Collections

Audiovisual collections include videotapes, audiotapes, CDs, and microforms. Audiovisual collections are available at all LSCC campus libraries, and AV material may be requested for use at any campus. Videotapes and audiotapes are cataloged and are listed in the LINCC catalog. Collections are limited to materials requested by faculty for classroom support.

Circulation of Audiovisual Materials

Full-time and adjunct faculty members may check out audiovisual materials for a period of two weeks. Audiovisual materials in the permanent collections do not circulate to students.

Audiovisual Reserves

Faculty members may place audiovisual materials on reserve for student use at any campus library. The faculty member must submit a reserve request form, available at any campus library, 48 hours prior to making the reserve assignment. Reserve materials may be designated Library Use Only, or may be checked out for a period of time specified by the faculty member.

Collection Development

The libraries' collection development policy specifies that audiovisual materials be purchased at the request of the faculty. Limited budgets support only the narrow purpose of providing audiovisual materials for classroom support. No attempt is made to augment general collections with audiovisual selections.

Audiovisual Equipment

Media Services is responsible for the following audiovisual equipment at all campuses: VCRs, TV monitors, CD players, DVD players, slide projectors, audiotape machines, and portable computer/projection equipment. Media staff provides delivery, set-up and return of all portable audiovisual or computer equipment on the Leesburg campus. Library staff provides delivery, set-up and return of all portable audiovisual equipment at the South Lake and Sumter campuses. Please do not move portable equipment from any location without informing the Media Specialist.

Equipment Requests

Requests for portable audiovisual or computer equipment must be made 48 hours in advance, via a Helpdesk Work Order. Faculty members are encouraged to create a Work Order to report any equipment malfunction as soon as possible. Malfunctioning equipment at the South Lake and Sumter campuses should be sent via courier to the Leesburg Library. Portable computer/projection equipment is maintained by the Media Specialist. PC Support maintains fixed computer equipment.

Graphics Production

Media Services provides graphics production for signage and lamination for instructional or other college-related purposes. A Work Order must be submitted at least one week in advance of the project due date.