Clubs and Activities


The LSCC Ambassadors represent the college at performing arts and community functions and assist the LSCC Foundation with special events. Ambassadors must maintain a 3.0 GPA and receive a service scholarship for participation.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Erin O’Steen 365-3506

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

The BCM is a non-denominational club open to all students. The purpose is to disciple students in Christian growth through discussion groups, Bible studies, and ministry in the community.

Advisor Phone Email
Mr. Bret Taylor 435-6408

Brain Bowl

The purpose of Brain Bowl is to academically and socially stimulate students, while encouraging scholarly excellence. The team consists of 5-6 students who compete in academic competitions with other colleges. Eligibility requirements include a 2.5 GPA and enrollment in at least 6 semester hours. Students receive scholarship funding for participation.

Advisor Phone Email
Mr. Brian Rogers 536-2200
Ms Kristen Chancey 536-2196

Campus Diplomats

Campus Diplomats are a team of students focused on leadership and service. Diplomats assist new students with the process of becoming fully acclimated to LSCC and the college environment, as well as assisting with campus events. Diplomats receive a service scholarship for participation in the program.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Cindy Lackey 323-3650
Ms. Linda Karp 536-2147

Campus Recreation/Intramurals

Campus Recreation/Intramurals offers a variety of sports and recreational activities during the day. It also hosts a weekly Open Gym on Wednesday nights. The Basketball and Billards clubs are also facilitated by this group. Open to all students.

Advisor Phone Email
Lisa Huntley 323-3620

Community Charity Club

The purpose of the Community Charity Club is to involve LSCC students who are interested in becoming active with their community to become agents of change through volunteering.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Taralyn Pierce 536-2193

College Democrats

The College Democrats bring together students interested in the political process. Students work on voter registration and increasing awareness about Democratic candidates in upcoming elections. Open to all students.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Karen Levin 323-3638

Computer Club Lake-Sumter Computer Society

This organization serves as a support group for students to assist them in better understanding the computer in general. The club also serves as a link with the general computing community and as a clearinghouse of information and ideas in the rapidly evolving area of computer science and graphic arts.

Advisor Phone Email
Dr. Mary Jo Rager 365-3550
President - Ms. Judy Rollins 326-4110

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is a club for Christian athletes and students who desire fellowship and to learn about Jesus Christ through weekly meetings including guest speakers, small group Bible studies, songs, games and skits. This huddle also serves as an outreach to the athletic teams of the college. Members give back to the community through service projects during the year.

Advisor Phone Email
Mr. Rich Billings 323-3678

Health Information Student's Association

The purpose of the HISA is providing a link of communication, resource sharing, and study sessions for Health Information students at LSCC. HISA raises funds and sponsors activities which promote networking in the community and celebrate the success of program graduates.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Brandy Ziesemer 435-6414

Musical Organizations

Musical performing groups on campus include Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Lab Band. For more information, contact the Music Department. Open to all students.

Advisor Phone Email
Dr. Peter Arcaro 323-3651

Multicultural Student Association

The purpose is to promote inclusiveness among all LSCC students, to enhance personal growth, community education, and positive racial change. This club will also support all efforts toward a greater understanding of cultures and overall greater appreciation of cultural diversity.

Advisor Phone Email
Sedrick Brinson 365-3567

Nursing Students Association

LSCC’s Nursing Students Association’s goal is to aid the preparation of nursing students for their professional responsibilities. It assists students in developing the responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life. It promotes and encourages participation in community affairs, which improve health care and the resolution of related social issues. It is open to pre-nursing and enrolled nursing students.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Nicole Tinny 365-3581

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international scholastic honor society for Community and Junior colleges. Membership is open to students who have completed a term of 20 semester hours of college credit with a GPA of 3.5 and must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0 once inducted. Eligible students are invited to join each fall and spring.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Debra Hicks 536-2124
Ms. Jacklyn Pierce 323-3631

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Safire is an open discussion group/club where members talk about the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Anime genres. Membership is open to anyone who interested in these topics.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Rachael Gump 787-3747 ext. 4213

Student Government Association

As the official representative of all students, the SGA’s purpose is to plan student events, facilitate discussions of issues, present student suggestions to the faculty and administration, and to act in an advisory capacity to students. Open to all students.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Cindy Lackey 323-3650
Ms. Linda Karp 536-2147

Theatre Arts Society

TAS is a club which fosters interest and promotes the performing arts at LSCC. Opportunity is provided for experience in all phases of theater. Open to all students.

Advisor Phone Email
Mr. Gary Rogers 323-3614
Mr. Greg Cumbaa 365-3562


The Angler

Written and edited by students, The Angler is designed to inform and entertain its readers, to give students an opportunity to express their opinions, and to give students interested in journalism a hands-on experience in writing and publishing. Angler reporters are enrolled in MMC 2100 Writing for the Mass Media.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Heather Elmatti 323-3652


The Odyssey is a fine arts magazine published by LSCC students containing short stories, poetry, photography, art, and graphics. The publication is prepared by students who receive scholarships and by others who volunteer their services.

Advisor Phone Email
Ms. Marion Kane 323-3617

Starting A New Club

Students interested in starting a new club or organization need the Club Starter Kit for information about the process

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The Student Life Office at 323-3650 or