Emergency Services


Is it an emergency?

If people, equipment, or buildings could be endangered or damaged by failure to correct the problem promptly or if the problem poses a security risk, then it's an emergency.

During regular office hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, complete a “Track-IT,” Facilities Work Order. After hours and when Facilities personnel are not readily available, an emergency should be reported to Security at:

  • Leesburg - (352) 516-3975
  • South Lake - (863) 221-7519
  • Sumter - (352)793-2621

These are considered emergencies:

  • electrical failure or malfunction
  • gas leak
  • glass replacement affecting safety or security
  • heat in room below 60 degrees/above 80 degrees
  • plumbing leaks or floods
  • roof leaks
  • lock problems affecting safety or security

These are Not considered emergencies:

  • Leaky faucets
  • An individual toilet not working properly
  • Forgotten keys
  • A few lights did not come on or came on late
  • Room is a little cool or warm
  • Custodial, light maintenance, or basic Grounds issues
Siren Tones

There are three siren emergency alert tones that can be heard outside and inside buildings.  

  1. The “Whoop” tone

    Get Microsoft SilverlightWhoop


    indicates a dangerous natural/weather conditions:  This condition could result from emergency weather radios, television weather alerts, or Emergency Operation Center (EOC) notifications.   What to do:  Find shelter, shut the door, listen for any updates; stay away from glass & outer walls.

  2. The" HiLo" tone

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    is alerting to a possible serious criminal activity.  This tone is emitted when possible harm could occur due to a criminal event that may have been observed or reported.  The sample tone for this alert is also attached.  What to do:  Find a room (classroom/office) that can be locked from inside and position yourself (and others) out of view.

  3. The “All Clear" tone

    Get Microsoft SilverlightAll Clear


    indicates that danger, either weather or criminal, has passed and it is safe to move about (Don’t be confused by the title on the attached sample of “alert tone;” it is an all clear tone.  What to do: Be cautious and alert but you are free to leave your safe space.