Helpful contact information is as follows:

  • Any general HR questions or Staffing (Hiring or anything involved with this process such as EAR questions), Employment Verifications, etc. = Jessica Oakes, Senior Admin Specialist PT, Francine Costa, Senior Specialist HR, or Margie Nichols, Manager HR,  at 365-3557 or Please remember to email us if your name, address, or phone numbers change.

  • Benefits, Insurance, or Leave questions, etc. = Lee Cormier, Manager Benefits at 365-3547 or

  • Payroll, Paycheck, and Timesheet questions, etc. = Tom Flood, Manager Payroll at 323-3633 or

  • FRS, retirement, 403B, 457 savings accounts, etc. = Joyce Brautcheck at 365-3546 or

  • Professional development, in-service course registration, etc. = Tracey Hoff at 323-3642 or

  • HR policies/procedures, Sexual Harassment, equity, FR&P, HR service issues/concerns, etc. = Tim Kane at 323-3680 or