Grants Development

The goal of the LSSC Grants Department is to assist the college and its faculty and staff in obtaining grant funding to support projects that align with the mission, vision, goals and values of the College. The Department engages in the following grant development activities:


  • Facilitate dialogue with key persons in support of grant development process

  • Research local, state and federal funding sources

  • Draft and/or edit written content for grant applications including budget and narrative sections

  • Interpret guidelines for grant submissions

  • Submit proposals to grant funding source for consideration

  • Spearhead partnership opportunities with FCSs, community members, and businesses to facilitate collaborative grant submissions


The PIE Office serves as the centralized location for grant services. Therefore, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the PIE Office for more details on ways to develop grant proposals and project ideas. Additionally, potential grant recipients are urged to use the LSSC Grants Project Development Worksheet which serves as a tool to help develop successful grant submissions.



Stephanie J. Brinkley, J.D.

Senior Manager of Grants

(352) 435-6330 (or internally, extension 6330)