Requesting a Transcript

We use an outside service called Credential Solutions to get your transcripts delivered to you quickly. All transcript orders require authorization. Lake-Sumter Community College provides the following procedure(s) for authorizing transcript orders:

  • Your order can be authorized by signing an Authorization Form that we will provide at the end of this ordering process and returning this form via fax or mail.
  • Lake-Sumter Community College provides an additional way to automatically authorize your order if:
    • You attended Lake-Sumter Community College any time from 1990 to the present
    • The billing name on the credit card you use to pay for this order matches both the student name on this order and the student name in their records
    • A specific number of fields in this order such as Student ID, Social Security No., and Date of Birth match the information in their records
    • You do not have any attachments that must accompany your transcript

The Office of the Registrar takes responsibility for handling transcript requests in a prompt and efficient manner. However, we are not responsible for mishandling by the U.S. Post Office or the receiving school or agency. Replacement copies cannot be issued without the normal transcript fee.

Students wishing to pick up their transcripts from the South Lake or Sumter campuses must allow an additional 24-48 hours for the transcript to be available. Notice: All EPI students should contact the records office to request their transcript. This system can not be used for EPI students.

You may request a transcript online at the Credential Solutions LSCC website.